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Fischer Family Mold

This Springerle mold was owned by my great-grandparents who lived until 1848 in Neu Bulach in the Black Forest. In the earlier times it was a duty in southern Germany that each family baked Springerle. Springerle molds became a part of family life and were passed on to the oldest son.

This mold was inherited by my great-grandfather (master tailor Friedrich Fischer) from his parents. Then it changed ownership to my grandfather (pastry chef Friedrich Fischer). In 1889 he founded a pastry shop in Gernsbach (Black Forest close to Baden-Baden). He died in 1940 and the mold was passed on to his son Robert Fischer. In 1970 I took over the pastry shop and became owner of the mold.

It was an old tradition to bake Springerle at Christmas and we had many customers that kept the cookies in tin boxes in order to still have them at Easter. The older people loved to have hard Springerle so they could dip them in their coffee.

Thank you Herr Fischer for the privilege of sharing with the world a part of your families past and for allowing me to be the custodian of a part of your families history.
A family of traditional bakers and the very special family heirloom that they all had used.
Being able to see photos of the men that used the Springerle mold and the bakery they used it in are so very rare.
I feel very fortunate to be able to read and see the history behind this wonderful and rare family heirloom that had been in use by your family for so many generations.

Again, thank you for this privilege.
Best regards, Ken


Vielen Dank Herr Fischer für das Privileg einen Teil Ihrer Familiegeschichte mit der Welt zu teilen und dafür der Verwalter zu sein.
Einer traditionellen Familie von Bäckermeistern und eines Ebstückes, das von allen benutzt wurde.
Die Möglichkeit Fotos von den Männern zu sehen, die das Springerlemodel benuzt hatten und die Bäckereien in denen das geschah wird selten geboten
Ich fühle mich glücklich die Geschichte zu lesen und die Bilder zu sehen, wie das wunderschöne und einzigartige Famileinerbstück über viele Generationen von Ihrer Familie benutzt wurde.

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