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Jochen Umhofer Molds


The molds were from my grandmother Pauline Umhofer who acquired them between 1940 and 1950.
Pastry Chef Reinhold Herbster of Wiesensteig in Baden Wuttemberg had owned the mold with the 4 arches. The other 3 molds are from Stuttgart and August Stitzel.
My grandmother used the Springerle molds regularly for special occasions. At Christmas the sweets were always made with cinnamon not anise.
After my grandmothers death, my aunt Brigitte Metzler came to own my grandmothers molds. Water Springerle which were made without eggs were painted and hung on the wall. My aunt had had these hanging on her apartment wall over 30 years. They were beautiful to look at but not edible.
After my aunts death I became owner of these molds.
Jochen Umhofer

Thank you Jochen for sharing your family photo, these beautiful molds and the story about them.
It is interesting that you write about a "water Springerle" and I think many folks will find this very interesting.
I appreciate you taking the time to send in your story and photos and I'm sure it will be seen and enjoyed by folks all around the world. I am very appreciative to be allowed to post this on my site Jochen.
Thank you. - Ken

Vielen Dank Jochen für das Familiephoto und die wunderschönen Model, sowie deren Geschichte. Es ist interessant etwas über wassersprongerle zu lesen und ich glaube, dass viele dises Intesse mit mir teilen.
Ich bedanke mich für die Deine Zeit mir die Geschichte und die Bilder zu senden und ich bin sicher viele Menschen aus der ganzen Welt werden sich darüber freuen. Ich bin glücklich über die Erlaubnis all dies in meiner Webseite veröffentlichen zu dürfen.
Danke Ken

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