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Margarete Stolz

Hallo Mr. Hamilton,

Photo #1: This mold belonged to my grandma. She was born in 1885; the backside of the mold has on it her original signature.
Photo #2: This mold was used by my mother in law, on the side it`s marked with the letters "C G".
Photo #3: This mold we found in the household of my mother in law, too. On his backside you can see a trade mark with 3 lines. First line of the mark:" C. Aug. Strizel" The second line I can`t read. Third line: Stuttgart.
I can remember that sometimes there was made a present for the children`s first day of school, it was a mold with the first letters of their names.

Beste Grüße, Margarete Stolz
Photo #1

Photo #1, detail

Photo #2

Photo #2, signature on the side
Photo #2, back

Photo #3
Photo #3, back
Photo #3, detail

Thank you very much Frau Stolz for sending the photos and story about your grandmother's and your mother-in-law's Springerle boards.
It is interesting to learn that school children sometimes received ABC Springerle boards as gifts on their first day of school.
Warm regards, Ken

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