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Haering Familie Molds

Haering Mold, frontHaering Mold, back
Haering Mold, front and back - 4 5/8" x 1 7/8" x 7/8"
Very nicely detailed with feathers and fur.
Springerle symbolism is fascinating. There are so many different symbols and meanings.
To think that this mold may have been carved to welcome a new baby. Giving the month/day of the birth and wishing the child prosperity, health, wealth and protection. This in turn was a life long gift that was passed from generation to generation.
A gift with thought and true meaning!
I wish to thank the Haering family for sharing this with us.

Ken Hamilton

The Haering Family wrote:

The motives on the molds are symbols for luck.
The mold war earlier owned by a farmer woman. I found it in a drawer at my mom. She collected those molds.
It was passed on by my grandmother Wilhelmine Hornung to her.
My mother, Lina Haering, used it always during the Christmas time to bake Springerle for us. We children were not allowed in the kitchen, because the Springerle hat to rest over night.
The living space was very limited at this time and the Springerle molds were wrapped in a cloth a kept in a kitchen drawer. They were not displayed on a wall.
My mom always hat lots of contacts to other housewives. They exchanged Springerle cookies, recipes and even molds.
Certainly you can show the picture - it is a real nice mold.

Last year we also made Springerle and used also this mold. A student from the USA took some of them back.
I cannot say anything about the age of the mold, but it is old.

The meaning of the symbols are:
The stork: a happy message, a baby is expected.
The ram: a zodiac, used for the day or month of birth.
The cornucopia: promises wealth
The ship: means health, wealth and protection

Many greetings your Familie (family) Haering

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