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General Imprinting Directions

To help prevent sticking

Size and liquidity of eggs, flour and weather can affect your dough - use your senses to decide if the dough will print well without sticking. You may need to use less or more flour than the recipe states.

Swish powdered sugar over rolled-out dough and rub in slightly to prevent sticking.

You may also want to lightly dust your Mold with powered sugar. If you do this, use a small soft brush to remove as much as possible before printing.

For most Molds

Dough will be rolled approximately 1/4" to 3/8" thick, (deeper molds need thicker dough). Remember to dust with powered sugar then imprint with your mold, cut out with a knife, cookie cutter, or pizza cutter, dry and bake.

For deeper Molds

Roll out dough to desired thickness, swish with powered sugar, cut a piece of dough the approximate size needed for the mold. Press into the mold with fingers, working from center outward. If needed, lightly roll dough to somewhat smooth before turning out. Trim, dry and bake.


During Printing
Use light from the side - daylight or a floor lamp - so the shadows let you see if your prints are good. Test bake one cookie first to see if any oven corrections are needed.

Baking Temperatures
Ovens vary wildly! If your test cookie "over puffs" reduce heat. Other tricks: put an empty cookie sheet on bottom oven shelf, prop oven door slightly ajar with handle of a wooden spoon to wick off heat. Tiny popcorn-size cookies react to heat quickly and "over puff" easily - use really low heat - maybe 200°. Large cookies can bake at higher temperatures.

Flat areas of larger cookies are vulnerable to making "bubbles" while baking. Simply press them down manually and finish baking. Be watchful, they may rise again.

Care of your Mold

You may rinse your molds off under the faucet or put them into lightly warm soapy water. They can be brushed lightly with a mushroom brush or a very similar type bristle brush. Dry, making sure no moisture remains in the details of your press. If it is not totally dry before you use it again, the dough may stick there. Please feel free to contact me at any time for information about Springerle. I'm not an expert but I have had a good deal of experience with Springerle in the bakery.

For more tips, see our new bakers Springerle Forum page!

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