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Fine Gourmet Heirloom Cookies "Exquisite Edible Art"

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Daniel in Lion's Den
Daniel in the Lion's Den, about 5 3/4" in diameter

Healing of Tobias, chocolate
The Healing of Tobias Springerle made with my Chocolate/Orange dough.

Our "Edible Art" Springerle are a one of a kind gift. Place a test order and you may be afraid to eat these unique creations - but be warned - after you have tasted the first one, you may not be able to stop. That is what happened to one of our customers in Canada.
Large Hunting Motive, 12" diameter

I am asked about twice a season to make this Springerle for someone. It is rich in detail and action and is with out a doubt a Great conversation piece. It seems to be a rule now that it can take me up to 5 attempts to get am image from this mold that I am happy with.

Pumpkin and grapes
Small Pumpkin and Grapes Springerle made with a rum spice dough. Yes, Very Tasty!!


Some of my painted Springerle using petal dust.

woman painted

Santa painted

Jar of Springerle - A holiday gift idea!

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